Heads Go West, Day 11, 5/11/16

States: Nevada, California

Soundtrack: California playlist (see below)

Hotel: HeadGrave Manor. The new one!

I guess two days in Vegas have brought out some Seagrave in me because I was up, packed, and loading the car about an hour before we said we’d hit the road. We originally were going to take two days to get from Las Vegas to the bay area, but Dad wisely advised us that if we got halfway and stopped, we’d just be anxiously waiting for the next morning and wondering why we didn’t just go for it. So we decided to just go for it. On the road with feverish focus towards Northern California.

Aside from not so noteworthy stops for lunch and gas, it was full speed ahead. And soon we found ourselves an hour away. It was hard to believe after all the days and hours and adventures that we were almost at the finish line! I fired up the California playlist: California Girls, California Dreamin’, Goin’ Back to Cali (both versions), and a few others. Then as we approached Oakland and were in our FINAL minutes, it had to happen….”California Loooove” and a big car dance party.  Followed by Journey singing about wanting to be in their city by the bay (I think we both had something in our eye with that one). 

Then we finally arrived at our new home! And before we had a minute to ask ourselves how we were going to live there the 5 days before our moving truck arrived, there was our amazing family: Charles, Eileen, Liz, Jady, and Alice – carrying arm loads of towels, sheets, pillows, hangers, baby toys, and food.  What a perfect way to end our journey – with the most incredible reminder of why we’ve come home.

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