The Heads go West…

After (almost) 4 years in New York we are on the move again. This time to head back to the Bay Area for Charley (and us) to be closer to our families. The NY adventure has been grand but we are excited to get back to friends and family.

The movers arrive on Wednesday and come this Saturday, we are packing Charley, Wally and enough clothes and diapers for 2 weeks in the car and driving back West. Many have told us they think we’re crazy for doing it whereas many have also agreed that it will be a great adventure and story to tell down the road.

Here is our proposed itinerary. Clearly we will be making some of this up as we go along as one would on a road trip.

Saturday, April 30th – wheels up! Leave Brooklyn for Washington D.C.

Sunday, May 21st – Leave Washington D.C. Arrive Asheville, NC.

Monday, May 2nd – Leave Asheville, NC. Arrive Nashville, TN

Tuesday, May 3rd – Leave Nashville, TN. Arrive Memphis, TN.

Wednesday, May 4th – Leave Memphis, TN. Arrive Bull Shoals, AR

Thursday, May 5th – Leave Bull Shoals, AR to TBD (either Kansas or Missouri)

Friday, May 6th – TBD

Saturday, May 7th – Arrive in Colorado Springs.

Sunday, May 8th – Leave Colorado Springs, CO. Arrive in Las Vegas, NV

Monday, May 9th – Leave Las Vegas, NV.

Tuesday, May 10th – ARRIVE IN OAKLAND!

Wednesday, May 11th – MOVERS ARRIVE.

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